Big Chic for Little People

From humble beginnings in Camden Market back in 2002, JJ PARK quickly built a name for herself selling some of the best classic, vintage-style women's apparel around. Having taken time out in 2010 to be a full time mum, JJ is back and seeking to bring her unique style to children's clothes - curating hand-picked designs from independent brands in South Korea that can't be found anywhere else on the UK high street.

JJ personally selects each piece for its individual character and charm, placing a great deal of attention on detail, quality and finish. This ensures that everything by the JJ PARK name stays true to what JJ refers to as the "Three Ps" - designs that are pretty, full of personality and perfectly fit for purpose.

Every item goes through a rigorous testing regimen via the expertise of her four lovely children - the ultimate goal being a collection that balances style with comfort - elegant, but hardy pieces that JJ is happy to dress her own children in.

JJ deliberately limits ranges to small quantities and adds new styles each week, so there's always a reason to come back and discover something new. The collection currently features lovely styles for babies, girls and boys from 0 to 9 years of age.

The JJ PARK Story

The JJ PARK story really began way before her UK adventure, back on little Yaksan Island in the South Korea sea.

Having grown up surrounded by nature, JJ had always been taken with nature's pretty, cute and lovely things and was determined to bring as much of this as possible into her world and the world of those around her. In her eyes there could never be enough flowers, birds and trees - and she quickly became known for incorporating these things (along with the essential ribbons and lace) into her classic and elegant designs.

Having pursued her dream to move to the UK, JJ set up her first shop in Camden Market in 2002. One shop quickly became four as JJ PARK outlets were rolled out to Spitalfields, Portabello and Camden Stables Markets. It wasn't long before JJ PARK designs were selling in Fenwicks, Top Shop, and Even celebrities had picked up on her distinctive style with Zara Phillips wearing JJ PARK knitwear to Ascot in 2008.

Impeccable Service

JJ PARK strives to continue building it's loyal following around unique, stylish clothing and impeccable customer service. If your experience ever proves to be less than impeccable, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll do our utmost to put things right.

If all else fails you can always contact JJ directly at